Durable Luxury

Our latest product line has launched!


Stoneweave has developed our own bespoke range of concrete Terrazzo Flooring Tiles, styled to endure, and made to last a lifetime. Perfectly at home in the garden, around your poolside, bar or entertainment area, our range of Terrazzo tiles will match any decor style, and will retain their contemporary appeal.  


These beautiful concrete Terrazzo tiles are available countrywide in South Africa and beyond.



Save with Stoneweave Terrazzo

Not only will the quality and style of our Terrazzo products add value to your home or business, but the savings compound!


Our Terrazzo products are low priced, easy to install and low maintenance. Because we manufacture locally and by hand, you'll be supporting local artisans and business, helping to add value to the South African small business sector. Purchasing Stoneweave Terrazzo tiles is more than a purchase: It's an investment!


Please contact us for more information at sales@stoneweave.co.za